We specializes in capturing the decisive moment to meet your specific commercial or editorial assignment
requirements. Our creative location photography is designed to showcase people, products, and places
in natural light or custom designed lighting environment.

If you have need of beautiful visuals, then you should know about
my work. I produce high end photography using the most
modern styles of photography.
Manufacturers, retailers and convention facilitators alike have used
my services repeatedly for over ten years to produce effective sales images that help sell.
Each time they know they are getting the service, quality and fair pricing that brought them in the last time

We are happy to discuss your needs in detail and prepare a quote for services. We have a variety of fee structures
available, depending on the nature of the assignment. Our goal is to meet your budget and time requirements,
while providing the most professional services possible. If you would like to find out more about hiring John Louie,
please contact us by phone or email. If immediate action is required, please query by phone.
We are proud to offer the professional publishing and advertising industries thousands of high quality Rights
Protected images for use as stock photography. We welcome requests of all types and budgets. Submissions of
original transparencies and reproduction grade duplicates on digital cd are tightly edited, and can often be shipped
for next day delivery. Online image submissions are available on request, as are submissions of preview sample
jpegs via email, or high resolution files by emailed or delivered on CD-Rom.


To Request a Submission: If you have found an image on this site, or would like to request a submission, please
contact us by either phone or email. For quickest response, query by phone. To assure the most prompt
service, please be prepared to provide the following information: (if applicable or available)
* Company, Address, phone, e-mail, and name of Person requesting the submission.
* Company, Address, phone, e-mail, and name of Person receiving the submission.
* Type of intended use(s).

Please note, we follow industry-standard practices of pricing the use(s) of our images on the exposure the image will have.

Factors which affect the fees for usage are: 1) How long will the image be used or displayed, 2) how big will the image be as a part of the space in which it is published, 3) how many pieces are printed (i.e. press run or circulation), 4) how much it cost us to create the image initially, and 5) whether the audience which will see the image(s) is of a local, national or global viewership.

Mis-nomer: Images from stock should cost less than an image which was assigned to be created. In reality, an existing image licensing fee isn't worth less than an assignment. You can select the exact image that you want. You don't incur production expenses. There is no risk that the shot won't be exactly what you want. There is no art direction, and you can have it immediately.Once we receive the details about exactly how you would use the image, if rights are purchased, we will deliver a quote which will encompass the fees and paperwork which needs to be completed.We wish to maximize your use of the images, and, to that end, we urge you to consider the variety of uses you might have for the image beyond the immediate need. By purchasing the right to use the image in a brochure AND an Annual Report at the same time, you can save because you are licensing the rights to the images for multiple uses. If, after a use has been requested, different uses arise, the fees will not be as low as a package would have been initially. When considering the variety of uses, and when gathering the information necessary for us to provide you with an exact quote, please consider and include:
For EACH type of use, the following information is necessary:How long the image will be used or displayed (one issue daily, monthly, one-time, six months, 18 months, etc) How large the image will be as a part of the space in which it is published (i.e. 1/4 pg, 1/2 pg, dimensions, etc) How many pieces (i.e. press run or circluation)Intended Audience and range of distribution (i.e. local, national, international) Type of use: Editorial, Advertising, Corporate, or Personal, etc. Print-only, Electronic-only, or both.If on-line, is it on the main page, further into the site, or on a link to your site from an ad on someone else's site Potential uses by you down the line. Whether you would like an embargo on the potential use of the image by your company's competition.

There is a $50 research fee incurred upon commencement of the review of our stock inventory files which does not apply to usage (if any)for image inquiries not shown within this site but maybe available as a stock image.

Thank you for your consideration in our services.


John Louie


San Francisco