Most images on this site are available as either a Stock Image or as a Fine Art Print .
Stock Photography and Fine Art Photo Gallery of California's world famous city, San Francisco, including
pictures of downtown San Francisco, Cable Cars, Fishermans Wharf, Coit Tower, The Embarcadero,
Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate park, Palace of Fine Arts, Alcatraz, The Presidio, fog,
sunrises, sunsets, and other related images.

What is Stock Photography?
Stock photography is the business of providing a license, or "Rights", for the specific use of an existing image
for use as an illustration in a specific project. Stock photography is commonly used for advertising, brochures,
books, calendars, greeting cards, magazines, and other forms of publications, including the Internet. The word
"Rights" refers to the fact that these images are subject to the protection of Copyright Laws. The use of Stock
Photography, or more specifically, the transfer of a usage license, typically involves the payment of a use fee
and a photographers credit line. Commercial uses, including advertisements, are exempt from the credit
requirement. What are the advantages of using Stock Photography?
Licensed stock photography offers you the chance to enhance your company image by using an existing image
to create graphic, eye-catching impact to any product, ad, or document your company produces, without paying
the high cost of hiring a photographer to make a new image from scratch. Additionally, Stock Photography can
be controlled by the granting of Exclusive or Specific Rights; unlike Royalty-Free photo disks or "Clip-Art" where
anyone, including your competition, can access and use the same image.

How can I find the right type of image?
Stock photography is usually requested to fill the image needs of people looking for a specific subject, i.e.
"Golden Gate Bridge", or place, i.e., "Napa Wineries". Sometimes images are sought to convey a
certain mood or concept, i.e. "Industries" or "Romantic". We acumulate images daily and
have thousands of images not on the web site, you can contact us to request a
submission for review.

How much does it cost to use pictures as Stock Photography?
Fees to use an image vary greatly, and can range from $50.00 to over $20,000.00. Many factors can influence
the usage fee for a stock photograph. The type of use is foremost. For example, the image could be used for a
locally distributed postcard, or it could be part of a national advertising campaing. How large the photo will
be used, for how long, how many copies, number of languages, areas of distribution (globally), and degree of
exclusivity are all factors that effect how much an image will cost to use.
How do I obtain the Rights to use an image?
If you are interested in using one of our images as stock photography for your project, you simply need to
contact LandscapeDrama. Identify which image you'd like to use, how you'd like to use it, and how we can
contact you with an answer.

Usage Rights Agreement
.How you can use our pictures
Usage Rights grant you worldwide Reproduction Rights to the picture files you purchase for terms
agreed upon. Pictures may be used in all forms of print publications, flyers, announcements, reports, brochures,
greeting cards, postcards, business cards, stationary, calendars, advertisements, editorials, books, magazines,
products for sale, web sites, multi media presentations, video productions, packaging, posters, trade show
displays, wall murals and more.
Limitations on Usage Rights and Digital Picture Files
* 1) Usage Rights are non-transferable and are only granted to the person or company that
purchased them.
* 2) Our Digital Picture Files may not be offered for resale, provided free of charge, or distributed to others.
* 3) Text, graphics and logos may be placed over our pictures. Our pictures may not be used to design a new
company logo that you intend to copyright or trademark.
* 4) Our Pictures may not be used in a pornographic or defamatory way.
Copyright on pictures remain with the copyright holder
© John Louie
By filling out the order form for request of said image(s) you agree to honor the
Usage Rights offered by John Louie------------Copyright Information
"What you can and can't do with these photos"This web site, the design, code, and all photos (except where specifically noted) are copyright© John Louie.
All rights reserved. All images on this site have been registered with the US Copyright Office. Photographs may
NOT be reproduced for any reason without written permission.WARNING: We vigorously protect our copyright
interests. In the event that an infringement is discovered you will be notified and invoiced. You may also be
sued in civil court for damages. In cases of willfull infringement, you may be prosecuted for Copyright Infringement
in U.S. Federal Court where you will be subject to a fine of US$150,000 statutory damages as well as our court
costs and attorneys' fees.
Use of images on personal sites requires permission in advance of use. Failure to obtain permission may result in
the offending web site being removed from the internet per the terms of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

DISCLAIMER - This web site contains images that, while copyrighted and owned by John Louie may contain
representations of material belonging to other third parties, including possible copyrights, trademark or
service marks. John Louie reserves the right to refuse or restrict the sale of such images for commercial
use or where any use may possibly conflict with the aforementioned copyright, trademarks, or service marks. In
all cases, John Louie claims no connection, association, arrangements, or agreements with the holders of such
third party copyright, trademark, or service marks. Under no circumstances is the display of these images meant
to cause any confusion as to the source or origin of such material, or to draw any direct or implied connection
or association between John Louie and the owners of such marks or copyrighted material. Furthermore,
LandscapeDrama and the photographers do not endorse any such owner of third party rights, nor does
LandscapeDrama and the photographers claim to be endorsed by any such third party.

I have placed images on this site for the viewing pleasure of the general public and as a resource for Art Buyers.
I have purposely decided not to obscure the images with an overly large or obtrusive copyright notice. This does
not mean that they are in the public domain, free, or clip-art. With few exceptions, none of these images can be
used without my permission.

Who can use these images?
Anybody can view these images via their web-browser. However, downloading images or saving an image file
to a disk, is not permitted without my permission. I allow one exception to this rule:
* Students may use images from this web site provided they are for a class related project, or assignment, that
involves teacher or class commentary, critisism, discussion, or grade. Students must contact me and let me know
which pictures are being used, what class they are for, and what school they attend. If this is a web based project,
please include the URL where the image will be used. Images may not be used on personal pages, hobby or fan
sites, chat areas, or any other uses outside of school.How do I get permission to use one of your pictures?
If you want to use a picture in any manner, it is best to simply ask.
Regardless of your use or budget (or lack thereof..) Contact me and let me know which image you want to use,
how it will be used, and how I can contact you. I am usually happy to help people that are kind enough to ask
for proper permission. Even if you only want to use an image for your personal computer desktop wallpaper, please
ask first.

What if I use a picture without permission?
To protect myself and my images, all images have been registered with the Library of Congess' Copyright Office.
If you elect to use an image (mine, or anyone's) without obtaining proper permission, U.S. Copyright Laws allow
a number of remedies available to the artist. These include:
* Up to $150,000.00 in statutory damages per case of infringement.
* Payment of Artist's Legal fees.
* Percentage of Business Profits from date of use.
* Closure of offending web-site. (If used on the Internet)
Where can I get more information about copyright?
Take a look at the U.S. Library of Congress copyright site.
or read about several myths of copyright at